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Ellora Caves

Important Buddhist Destination

Lumbini - Birthplace of Gautam Buddha
¤ Lumbini
Before the Lord would come to the earthly world, his mother had dreamt a six-tusked elephant, which later was interpreted by the astrologers as a sign of giving birth to a world-renowned personality

Bodhgaya Temple
¤ Bodhgaya
A place where Lord Buddha left his foot steps nearly 2500 years ago while travelling in the quest of enlightenment, Bodh Gaya resonates the silent vibes of those sacred steps.

¤ Sarnath
Sarnath is, perhaps, the naturally most beautiful Buddhist pilgrimage, with a calm and cool atmosphere that silently preaches tranquility and peace.

¤ Kushinagar
Kushinagar is another Buddhist destination, worth a sincere admiration, due to the serenity, rich history, and the splendid structures of Buddhist root.

¤ Laddakh
If its the peace, tranquility and ancient culture that attracts you the most, Ladakh is the place to head for. It has successfully retained its ancient cultural heritage and still untouched by the waves of modernism

Buddhist Destination State Wise
¤ Andhra Pradesh
Interpreted as the abode of immortals in Pali, Amaravathi or Dhanyakataka/Dharanikota consists of the Great Buddhist Stupa
¤ Arunachal Pradesh
A prime Mahayana Buddhist monastery in Arunachal Pradesh, Bomdila Monastery is a replica of Tibet’s Tsona Gontse Monastery.
¤ Bihar
Everything that is said in the glory of Bodhgaya falls short because of the reverie and the sacredness associated with the site.
¤ Chhattisgarh
The small village of Sirpur in present day Chhattisgarh was an important center of Buddhist learning from 6th to 10th centuries. Known as Shripur in ancient times,
¤ Goa
The name, Lamgao in Goa finds its Buddhist origins meaning ‘abode of the Lamas’ the monks of Tibet.
¤ Gujarat
The old city of Junagadh famous for forts also enjoys the ancient Buddhist connection with its caves and Ashokan Edicts.
¤ Haryana
Located in, Assandh has more than 2000-year-old Buddhist Stupa in India. Elevated on an earthen platform, the brick stupa is 25-metre high and 75 metre wide.
¤ Himachal Pradesh
Famous for its floating islands of reed on sacred lake, Rewalsar District has strong Buddhist connections apart from its relations with Hinduism and Sikhism.
¤ Jammu and Kashmir
The land of lamas, Ladakh sheer bliss is blessed by the presence of many monasteries and their spiritual practice.
¤ Jharkhand
The long lost heritage of Buddhism can now be explored in Hazaribagh. According to Buddhist beliefs
¤ Karnataka
Namdroling Monastery near Mysore is a Buddhist town where around 5000 lamas, (both monks and nuns) practice and preach the lineage of Tibetan
¤ Kerala
The God’s own country had strong foothold of Buddhism during 3rd century. The faith flourished around Thrissur, Allapuzha
¤ Madhya Pradesh
Sanchi Hill is a revered world heritage site featuring 50 Buddhist monuments including 3rd century monolithic pillars, palaces, temples and monasteries.
¤ Maharashtra
Ajanta Caves are timeless and exquisitely eternal. Belonging to 2nd century BC, this artistic arc of 30 rock cut caves is blessed with a mystic aura ruling its creative excellence.
¤ Orissa
Dhauligiri Hill was a powerful site which transformed the violent streak of Ashoka the Great into the calm and compassionate follower of Buddhism.
¤ Punjab
Sanghol Village in Fatehgarh Sahib District yielded a 1st century Buddhist stupa enshrining the bone relics of an important Buddhist teacher
¤ Rajasthan
Jhalawar District in south east Rajasthan comprises a collection Buddhist rock cut caves and monasteries in Kolvi
¤ Sikkim
Established in 1701 by Chogyar Namgyal, Dubdi is the oldest monastery in the state, serving an ideal spot for monks seeking meditational recluse.
¤ Tamilnadu
Kanchipuram Monastery served as the largest Buddhist center in Tamil Nadu during 2nd century CE.
¤ Uttar Pradesh
Sarnath near Varanasi served as the Karma Bhoomi of Lord Buddha. A prominent site of Buddhist pilgrimage,
¤ Uttarakhand
The land of sages and spirituality, Uttarakhand hosts the peaceful monasteries and pagodas.
¤ West Bengal
The hilly hamlets of Darjeeling hill station is a home to many monasteries and revered gompas.
¤ Nepal
Swayambhunath Stupa is among the oldest religious sites in Nepal. Shaped as a golden spire
¤ Lakshadweep
Buddhist Archaelogical remains are also found in Kavaratti and Andrott islands.

Other Important Buddhist Destination

¤ Ajanta Caves
Why would one go to caves, inhibit there, and leave it abandoned?
¤ Alchi
Ladakh is fascinating, proved again, by the beauty of another monastic village called Alchi.

¤ Bhaja Caves
Bhaja caves also share the same importance as those of the others in Maharashtra
¤ Dharamshala
Dharamsala (Mcleodgani) is in Kangra District of the state of Himachal Pradesh.

¤ Dhauli Hill
Situated by the river Daya, Dhauli hill is an important Buddhist tourist destination, near Bhubaneswar
¤ Ellora Caves
Ellora caves are more important to see the common threads of the three different faiths.

¤ Hemis Gompa
This beautiful monastery, specially known for its colourful festival.
¤ Junnar Caves
Junnar caves are also an important destination for the Buddhist pilgrims.

¤ Kanheri Caves
Kanheri caves, perhaps, are the most easily reachable among all caves.
¤ Sanchi
The massive stupa at Sanchi with its intricately carved toranas (gateways)

¤ Sankisa
Sankisa is related to many Myths pertaining to Lord Buddha, especially his descending from the heaven.
¤ Sravasti
Sravasti, capital of an ancient kingdom by the same name, is sacred to the Buddhists.

¤ Kesaria Stupa
The stupa is the largest in the world, with a height of 104 ft.
¤ Ladakh
If its the peace, tranquility and ancient culture that attracts you the most, Ladakh is the place to head for

¤ Lalitagiri
Lalitagiri is also a well-known tourist pilgrimage, especially for Buddhism.
¤ Leh
Leh is the district headquarter of Ladakh situated at an altitude of 3500 metres.

¤ Mathura
A major pilgrimage site, venerated by the Hindus from all around, Mathura is a highly revered place.
¤ Nalanda
Built on a hallowed site where the Buddha had often stayed.

¤ Tabo
Tabo is located at a height of 3050 metres in the magnificently isolated Spiti Velly of Himachal Pradesh.
¤ Tawang
The Tawang monastery is one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in India. The 6th Dalai Lama was born here

¤ Udaigiri
Udaigiri is an important Buddhist pilgrimage in the state of Orissa, special due to its caves, which house some of the most antique sculptures.
¤ N. Konda
The island takes its name from the Buddhist monk, Nagarjuna, who lived around the turn of the 2nd century AD.

¤ Patna
Lord Buddha came here when he had to cross the mighty river and the small town that stood on its banks
¤ Pemayangtse
Rumtek 24 kms. from Gangtok in Sikkim, is the seat of his holiness, the XVIth Gyawla Karmapa, the head of the Karma Kagyu order of Tibetan Buddhism

¤ Rajgir
Surrounded by five holy hills, the picturesque little town of Rajgir is important for Buddhists.
¤ Ratnagiri
Ratnagiri is another pilgrimage related to Buddhism, near Udaigiri and Khandigiri caves

¤ Rumtek
Rumtek 24 kms. from Gangtok in Sikkim, is the seat of his holiness.
¤ Vaishali
It was here that the Buddha announced the approaching of his Mahaparinirvana

¤ Varanasi
Varanasi is located on the west bank of the river Ganga as it flows through the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. After attaining Nirvana, Buddha came to Varanasi in search of his five disciples

Buddhist Pilgrimage Places in India and Nepal{short description of image}Buddhist Pilgrimage Places in India and Nepal

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